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Construct Series Explained

The story behind my first multidisciplinary series - the Construct Series. The sculptures, the poems, the explanations.

A Little Background

I've always been fascinated by the constructs that shape our experience in the world. I realize that sounds obscure; but, hear me out! There are so many ideas we just accept as facts: time, infinity, life, death, gender, etc. The reality is, at some point in time people decided how to define these. We can only define something based on our experience and knowledge of it. There is so much of the world and universe we've never experienced and can't even begin to explain.

When I find myself lost, confused, frustrated, or upset I end up questioning these constructs. Am I working myself into a tizzy over a deadline? An unconventional decision I want to make? An unpopular opinion I have? Every time I'm stuck in my head I start writing. Years ago my writing from this headspace took on the form of letters as poems. Letters to people, ideas, the past, the future.

For this series I focused specifically on ideas surrounding our souls, time, minds, and womanhood. Below you can see each piece and the poems the drove their creation.


abstract wall sculpture
Dear Womanhood by Tyra Johnson

dear womanhood

who are you?

must i suffer to

experience you?

why does no one

understand you?

are you tired of






tyra j


abstract wall sculpture
Dear Soul by Tyra Johnson

dear soul

when it is time where do you go? is it everything you want? or, maybe, everything you fear? did you love someone? will anyone miss you? are you ready? love, tyra j


abstract wall sculpture
Dear Time by Tyra Johnson

dear time

does it hurt when i don’t appreciate you? remember when you are good to me less than when you let me down? try to, despite your cries manipulate you? always want you to give me more? love, tyra j

*Available for purchase here.


abstract wall sculpture
Dear Mind by Tyra Johnson

dear mind

i wonder if you ignore expectations structure emotion. will you still exist? love, tyra j

If you're still here, thanks for taking the time to read about this series. It has a special place in my heart. I'll be releasing a collection of these poems in my first book later this year! You can subscribe to my monthly newsletter for exclusive access to a limited edition copy of the book with a sculptural twist.


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