Tyra Johnson | Sculpture Artist | Dallas, TX

Tyra Johnson was born in San Antonio, Texas. As a child in a military family she relocated often. Her time spent in Germany and Colorado resulted in a love of nature and outdoor activities. From location to location, she found herself involved in visual, theater, and musical arts. A natural creative, she carried a curiosity and multicultural perspective into adulthood.


Tyra is a self taught interdisciplinary artist. Her artistic journey began with mixed media painting and transformed into a passion for sculpture, interior design, and architecture. A common thread in her work is topographical influence. All sculptures, when viewed from various angles, reflect landscapes while overall silhouettes depict human anatomy. This approach links her environmental passions with a desire to emphasize aspects of the human experience.


Conceptually, Tyra works in themes and series. Her process begins with an overarching theme or message. Then artwork is planned, followed by poetry or musical accompaniment, in support of the theme. New works are released for purchase in groups as each series or exhibition is complete. She is currently working to create installations that immerse viewers in spaces reminiscent of landscapes from her travels while contemplating widely accepted constructs of our existence.

Photography by Taylor Stewart.