Tyra Johnson

Tyra Johnson is an American artist currently living in Dallas, Texas. Her work focuses heavily on themes of mental health and women's freedoms. As an avid outdoors person, she is influenced by natural textures and landscapes which appear most prevalently in her work beginning in 2020.

"Throughout the pandemic, like many others, I found my favorite outdoor pastimes keeping me sane. That influence forced it's way into my artwork and led me to explore sculpture in a disciplined way. I guess you could call it an artistic turning point. I look at my pre-Covid work and almost feel like I don't recognize it anymore! But that's what being an artist is. Growing, changing, accepting where life leads me and how it influences my creative expression", the artist reflects.

Tyra works primarily in mixed media and sculpture using as few materials as possible. A long time environmentalist, she decided to minimize color choices and overall materials to lessen the environmental impact of her work. Supports are often reused multiple times, with two or three paintings hidden beneath the final work.

Photography by Taylor Stewart.