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Mind Palace: February 2024

Where I'm finding inspiration these days, music I’ve had on repeat, details about my first solo show, Celestial Origins updates.


Finding Inspiration

Thankfully the world is waking up again! Spring is upon us and the time will change soon. I’m so affected by my environment creatively - I find most of my inspiration from nature - so it can get hard when things are dark, gloomy, and dormant. I’ve really been enjoying getting back outside, watching trees become green, flowers blooming, birds chirping, all those romantic artist notions about springtime. I've been working on Celestial Origins and have developed a habit of checking NASA almost daily. The last 3 months, they’ve captured some views of planets and moons and celestial bodies that we've never been able to see before. And of course I'm always inspired by earthen architecture and organic feeling buildings inspired by topography. You can view more details about the images above and why I find them inspiring in my Mind Palace.

Music On Repeat

This Headspace playlist has seen some major changes over the past month and a half. If you listened to it at my December update, you’d think an entirely different human made this playlist now. Since I'm building out this installation exhibition with a very low-fi space themed vibe, there’s a strange mix going on here this month that doesn't actually make any sense. Seriously, I understand from the musical perspective it doesn't seem like these things go together. So this playlist is currently a weird little amalgamation of that exhibition consuming my life a bit.

My First Solo Show

It's time to let the cat out of the bag! I found out in January I'll be having my first solo show with Reeves Art + Design in Houston Texas. I'm so excited! Reeve’s represents some of my favorite artists and for a while now I’ve been obsessed with their selections and it's honestly a bit of a dream come true to be having my first solo show there. What's even more insane is that Celestial Origins is the body of work. What I think many people may find interesting, is that I started working on Celestial Origins without any idea of where it would land. I just knew the work needed to exist. I knew I wanted to tell a story about a universe that doesn't operate the way we have come to accept as normal and I wanted to create space for people to connect and learn more about themselves. So I just made the work and told myself, “Make it as good as you can and tell the story the best way you know how and it will find a home”. On a fairly spontaneous trip to Houston, I went to see a show by Mr. Tomonoshi (one of my favorite artists and designers) and in speaking with the gallery walked away the following day with a solo show scheduled. I am so thankful life has a way of working itself out.

Celestial Origins will have an opening reception on April 20th at Reeve’s Art + Design in Houston, TX at 6pm. The show will run until May 4th and I would love to see any of you that can make it. If you're not already on my e-mail list, be sure to join for that monthly update and official invitation!

Speaking of Celestial Origins I'll give you an art update now!

Celestial Origins

For about 6 months now I've been working on an installation exhibition called Celestial Origins. I essentially created an universe that operates under different laws of physics and different concepts of society and community. The underlying message is one of evaluating the effects of capitalism and social constructs on identity. However, I didn’t want to pursue that storyline in a dark and depressing way. I wanted to present an alternative and leave it up to you all to filter through what it brings up for you.

Every planet and soul in this universe makes a statement about a different construct. For example, Khaimia is the origin planet of all souls and functions like a nursery environment to point out the flaw in having to make large decisions about the entirety of your life at such a young age with so little exposure to the world. Here's a few videos and images of some of the work as a little sneak peek of what to expect in April!


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