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Mind Palace: December 2023

Here's what I've been listening to in the studio, a fun poll, and what I've been working on!


Current Studio Playlist

In full transparency, this playlist has been more of how I start a studio session than what I would listen to for 3-4 hours. I'd say this is a snapshot of my headspace at any given time. Music is a huge part of my practice. I tend to create playlists that are in line with the themes of art I'm creating for many reasons. They help me with concept development in the planning stages and later morph into exhibition audio.


Observations & Poll Time

I've spent most of this year working on transitioning my practice towards immersive installation exhibitions. For quite some time now, I've watched contemporary art shift in a way I'm not thrilled about. The commercialization of fine art, the influx of people making art without the soul of an artist, the overwhelming amount of noise to break through. I just don't like it.

"Well that's what being an artist is."

No. No it is not.

To be an artist is to be a storyteller. From where I sit, there's a TON of art and barely any story left. So what's the solution?

In my admitted frustration with the art industry, I took a step back to evaluate how I want to exist in this space. As much as one can step back when you're a full time artist - hah! I spent time on what story I want to tell. What experiences I want to create for people. I found my answer in the question: creating experiences for people to connect. In the real world. Without needing to "consume" or purchase art.

"What does that mean?"

Ultimately, this means I've been working on immersive installation exhibitions. If you've been to Sweet Tooth Hotel or Meow Wolf, that's a great point of reference. However, my exhibitions are intimate, interactive, pop ups. If you're a theater nerd like me - think "One Night Only" on Broadway. Spaces you can have an experience in for the cost of a ticket or donation to fund the next exhibition.

Celestial Origins will launch in Spring 2024 and is well under way. I've been more quiet this year but definitely working! I've secured venue space and services donated in kind for the exhibition and am still on the hunt for a few corporate and individual sponsors to offset the cost of creating a community oriented event not entirely focused on sales. I just want people to come detach from the day and perhaps discover something about themselves or another person they may not have otherwise.

I'll have a major Celestial Origins announcement in my January update (pictures, videos, dates, etc.). In the meantime I'd love to get your thoughts in the question below:

What exhibition elements excite you most?

  • Music

  • Performance

  • Interaction (movement, touching art)

  • Creative Cocktails


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