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Favorite Burning Man Installations 2023

I'm always excited each year for the sculpture and art installations at Burning Man. Not only is the art massive in scale, it's also usually interactive in some way. Here's a roundup of my favorites!


1 | AI & I

AI & I Sculpture by Aliona Kuznetsova and Volodymyr Kuznetsov

By: Aliona Kuznetsova & Volodymyr Kuznetsov

From: San Francisco, CA

Year: 2023

"What place will AI have in our art and society? Today, it’s a cute friendly creature that some hate but many adore. It’s human-like and it seems it admires humans, obsessively learning all it can about us, and we’re happy to help it. We let it observe us, see our loves and fears, and absorb our art. It reciprocates, and many of us love the art it gives us back. But is it just a reflection of ourselves? Will it adore us, fear us, hate us or consume us?"


2 | Breaking Open

By: Butterfly Heart Tribe

From: Topanga, CA

Year: 2023

"A broken heart stands as a chrysalis to new life within, a symbol of the potential for healing and transformation. The heart is ignited and as it burns away, it reveals the butterfly, now free to fly."


3 | Mutopia

By: Flaming Lotus Girls From: San Francisco, CA Year: 2023

"Mutopia has germinated and is evolving, creating an zone of growth, mystery and possibility. Starting as one strange Seedpod, each successive plant evolves as it matures and adapts, willfully incorporating features and forms of the plants, animals, and machines it interacts with in its surroundings.

Mutopia’s series of evolving plant beasts is an exploration of the evolution by mutation that underlies all life. It creates a fantastic space for all manner of playa creatures to play in. Embrace the joys of kinetic fire effects and scruffy tendrils. Did they think you were just a plant? They didn’t realize you are on a journey."

Here is the full list of 2023 Burning Man art installations, artist websites and contact information.


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