Vanity Series

Inspired by society's obsession with appearance and youth, Tyra's vanity series aims to remind viewers of their value outside of the physical form. The vanity series is intentionally ironic. The sculptures are on mirrors but in order to view them in their entirety, the viewer must ignore their own reflection.

VanityCrisis Sculpture Artwork | Tyra Johson Studio | Dallas, TX

Vanity Crisis, 2021
Apoxie Clay & Raw Amethyst on Mirror
36" x 36"

Vanity Crisis depicts a figure "trapped" in a reflection, unable to see the beauty (amethyst crystal) within themselves or their surroundings.


Amethyst represents autonomy and the subjects inability to see it highlights our tendency towards external validation and guidance.

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Finding Light, 2021
Apoxie Clay and 24K Gold Leaf on Mirror
30" x 30"

Sculpted forms represent fragments of a woman's silhouette. Tyra was driven by the idea that many women have their self image damaged at a young age. With time, we discover our real value was never in our appearance to begin with. We smooth the rough edges. We find the light.


Finding Light Sculpture Artwork | Tyra Johnson Studio | Dallas, TX
Sad Old Bones Sculpture Artwork | Tyra Johnson Studio | Dallas, TX

Sad Old Bones, 2021
Apoxie Clay on Mirror
20" x 60"

A skeleton with bones mimicking teardrops is sculpted on a full length mirror. Despite society's obsession with youthful bodies, everyone ages and must reconcile their internal value with past external validation.