I love painting BIG: aspirations, fears, loves, failures, concepts, ideas, social constructs. We spend excessive amounts of time searching for words to convey what is meant to be experienced. I often think how difficult it is to describe myself and my thoughts let alone those of a group, society, or country.

As an African American woman, I face the unfortunate reality of having less freedom to verbally share those thoughts at risk of being deemed angry, dramatic, or extra. So the canvas is my outlet. Painting through a shared consciousness results in recurring themes of feminism and mental health in my work.

Through the feminist lens, I focus specifically on the concept of duality. This idea that, despite what society teaches us, women can freely be more than one "thing" at a time. Feminine and intelligent, confident and grounded, responsible and care-free.

Concepts of internal confrontation and emotional exploration prevail in my work focused on mental health. I'm fascinated by the contradictions of the mind. Why we refuse to allow ourselves to feel what we feel. How we assign good and bad to our experiences instead of allowing them to teach us about ourselves. What happens when all the conflicting pieces collide.