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Identity Crisis I & II Explained

The first sculpture infinity mirrors I created. Why I made them and what they mean.

The Vanity Series

Identity Crisis I & Identity Crisis II both belong to my Vanity Series, so we'll start there. This ongoing series evaluates our relationship with our appearance and how we're perceived by society. Vanity has been the subject of art since the dawn of time and I knew I wanted to explore it in a different way. I've always loved the way mirrors interact with sculpture so I started tossing around the idea of sculpting directly onto a mirror. This was much easier in theory than in practice. Hah!

Identity Crisis I & II

Months later, I figured it out. The first four in the series focused on external perception while Identity Crisis I and II focus on self perception. The idea of turning into someone you no longer recognize when you look in the mirror - that's what I was going for. The only way to have a sculpture look itself in the mirror, is with another mirror. Creating an infinity mirror.

I wanted distortion, dimensionality, and reflected light because transformation can't always be defined as good or bad. Change is just as likely to be positive as it is negative. So I took the approach of depicting distorted, hollow, and reflective human silhouettes. As the images repeat in different areas, a completed silhouette eventually emerges.

So that's the background on these two pieces. I really do find myself getting lost in them. If you're interested, you can view the full Vanity Series here.

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