• Tyra Johnson

Art Explained: Convolution

Women are complicated. Or so the old saying goes. I'm pretty sure a man said it a few thousand years ago in some ancient language and it stuck. And honestly, I agree.

Abstract Portrait
Convolution • Mixed Media on Canvas by Tyra Johnson

The important distinction here is complicated isn't a negative word. I don't think it was ever meant to be. It's just an adjective. Soufflés are complicated. Engineering is complicated. Parenting is complicated. That doesn't make any of those things "bad". In fact they all take effort, creativity, and patience. They're also extremely rewarding when approached correctly.

Women are no different. We use more words than men on average. Feel a wider spectrum of emotions at greater intensities. Work harder to bypass societal standards. I could go on and on. Not to say men don't have their own challenges, only that ours are more... complicated. They require an understanding of social norms, unconscious biases, and equality. We are supposed to be aggressive but never threatening. Mother children but not baby them. Work but not too many hours. Be empathetic with apparently everyone but not show too much of our own emotions. It's exhausting. But we keep doing it.

So no. Actually, women aren't just complicated. We twist. We turn. We bend. We fight. We try. We live. Draw strength from weakness. Find tenderness in pain. Move forward when it seems the world so desperately wants us to go backwards. That is the beauty of Convolution.